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Iron-on Labels

R120 for 80 Labels:

Iron-on Labels info:

Size - 46mm Wide X 12mm High

Printed on synthetic labels with black or blue text depending on stock.

Description – Labels are dry when peeled off the sticky backing paper which has blue text on the back.

These iron on labels are great quality as they are imported from the UK. They can be ironed on OR ironed on and sewn in. Borders Must Sew in their clothing labels.

Use on Blazers, Ties, Shirts, Dresses, Jerseys, Hats, Skirts, Shorts etc.

Please read the supplied instructions carefully before application to ensure long-lasting results.

Quick Tip! Try iron labels on to a place in the garment with the least abrasion such as the hem of a shirt or vertically along the leg of socks.

Also try placing iron on label face-down with the garment over it and iron through the garment which will draw the adhesive through the material, towards the heat source.

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